Go Experiments – #1 – Rsz

I recently started to play with the Go language. I felt the need to change languages, paradigms and to study something new.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend needed a tool to quickly resize her images, for some university projects. What best occasion to study something new? I read many articles about Go, that suggest to use the language for some specific applications, like CLI tools or microservices. Exactly what I needed.

So… here’s Rsz!

I love command line interface tools. I started using them more seriously some months ago, when I began using Linux everyday. I love how much they can cut times for repetitive tasks.

I have not compiled it yet, so if you want to use it you will need to have Go installed on your machine. However, in the next days/weeks I will add some new features and the compiled executables for both Linux and Windows platforms.

Have a nice day, and happy holidays! 🙂