Changin’ the OS – A Month Later

One month ago, I decided to switch my OS, from Windows to Ubuntu. 14.04, to be precise. I promised that I would write a post one month later, to draw some conclusions about it.

So… What happened? Generally, everything was ok.

Cool Things:

  • Some people warned me about some issues with drivers installation… but nothing happened and everything worked (and works) as expected;
  • Every software I use is available on Ubuntu. I had some doubts about Gimp, but it has awesomely improved from the last time I used it (many years ago);
  • Less mouse, more keyboard: last month I was thinking about buying a new mouse. Today I look back to these days and think “lol wut”;

Bad Things:

  • Sometimes you can stumble upon some little bugs here and there. However, nothing really serious after all… and if you like to experiment, it will be absolutely satisfying;

Ubuntu/Linux, you have my sword.