It Wasn’t Just About Music : Vasto Siren Fest 2015

Usually, when we write something about an experience, we desperately try to find the perfect words to describe it in the right way, or at least something close enough. For this reason, this is the fifth time I try to write this introduction. And the result isn’t so awesome, but as you probably know if you are reading this, you also know that I actually write code, and sometimes about code. So, forgive me.


Ok, let’s cut to it: this weekend, something awesome happened. This something is the 2nd edition of the Vasto Siren Fest. Four days of music and much more. I saw many posts on the web about it in the last days, especially about the music side of it. For this reason, I am not going to talk about music. Many people, with an experience about thousand times than mine, will do it.

Because the Vasto Siren Fest 2015 wasn’t just about music.

It was something more. It was…


Because what if I say that the opening event took place in the main church of the city?



Not bad, huh? This is Gareth Dickson, playing in the San Giuseppe Cathedral.

And this was just the opening. Other stages were also set up in the D’Avalos Palace Courtyard, D’Avalos Palace Gardens, Piazza del Popolo and Saint Peter’s Church Portal.

Take a look:








Because maybe it’s not exactly your favourite artist, but laying down on the grass in Palazzo D’Avalos Garden when Scott Matthews is singing (with a golden sunset as background) is fucking priceless. Especially if you are laying down on the grass with a glass of wine and some slices of ventricina, a special kind of salami we make here.

And here’s the complete lineup:

  • Jon Hopkins
  • Verdena
  • James Blake
  • Gareth Dickson
  • Sun Kil Moon
  • Clark
  • Gazelle Twin
  • Emma Tricca
  • WOW
  • Mamavegas
  • Is Tropical
  • Scott Matthew
  • Indian Wells
  • Mamuthones
  • Colapesce
  • Pins
  • The Pastels

… and more. And yeah, everything in just a couple of days.


Because it was definitely more. More than I ever imagined for my little town and for this I have to say “thanks” to many people. To everyone worked in the organization and, more than many others, to the volunteers that made this possible.


Because thanks to your work now I can say it: I am so proud to live here. Can’t wait for the next year’s Siren Fest.

Photo Credits: Lorenzo Pardi @farecose, the Vasto Siren Fest Facebook Page and my Nexus 5.